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Sept 11 - Tourism value versus housing consequences

Skydiver's midair malfunction. Parking lot keeps ticketing neighbours. The best fall treats.

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Today we look at some of the consistently most pressing practical issues in daily life: housing, parking, and dessert.


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Vacation rentals: Island munis try to square tourism value with housing consequences

Tourism rentals are blocking tourism workers from places to live in regions such as Tofino (above). James MacDonald / Capital Daily

Last week Victoria council pursued using $2.5M of the money collected from short-term rental sites to help fund a building with affordable rooms for hospitality industry workers.

As municipalities try to figure out what to do with the volume of both legal and illegal short-term rentals, this approach is gaining steam. On July 1, Cortes Island became the first BC community to fully commit to funding affordable housing with its Municipal Regional District Tax—the money is collected from vacation rental sites, but typically goes to tourism promotion.

Rental scarcity pits tourism vs. other key industries
The housing crisis is causing problems all across Van Isle, but Cortes embodies many of the ones particular to smaller rural communities. It has 100 short-term rentals and only around 1,000 people. A quarter of those are renters, and many stay in tents and vehicles in the busy season when owners come to vacation or rent their place out as an STR.

This lack of affordable housing leads to worker shortages in crucial areas such as hospitals, schools, and ferries. But these small communities also rely on tourism as a crucial industry itself—cutting all the vacation rentals would just create other problems.

So what are they trying? Read the full story here.

⚠️ Capital Bulletin

Malahat’s overnight delays start tonight.

Weather this week: Current off-and-on rain will give way to sunny highs of 25.

30+ Island fires burning, mostly in and around Strathcona Provincial Park. [Map]


Conflict continues over building residents who keep getting ticketed for using parking lot

Maximum time for parking in Belmont Market. Photo: Mary Howley

Residents of the Crossing at Belmont apartments have been using Belmont Market parking lots for years. But this summer, Crombie and Killam REIT—the owners of the commercial unit, parking lot, and apartments at Belmont Market—implemented a "Max 3 Hours" parking policy without informing or consulting the public.

Indigo Parking enforcement has been issuing tickets with fines and threatening to tow vehicles that park longer. Some residents have filed complaints, telling The Westshore that they are getting $65 tickets for parking only two hours and that the owners falsely claim the commercial spaces are increasingly overburdened.

Crossing residents have 180 underground parking spots for 180 units, with no option to park outdoors. They’ve been wanting designated spots in the lot, but ticketing continues. The city doesn’t have jurisdiction over Belmont on this, and Indigo can ticket the apartments’ designated five visitor spaces because they are shared with commercial parking (per the original easement).

Should residents get to use the commercial parking in their complex?

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Fall treats to look forward to in Victoria

Yesterday we rounded up a few of the heartiest local meals to try as the weather cools.

But that same fall shift applies to dessert. It’s about time to ditch the iced coffees and ice cream and sit down with something sweet and cinnamon-y.

Check out these local bakeries and coffee shops offering some of the Island’s best-tasting treats.

⭐️ Capital Picks

🍛 The best Indian restaurants in Greater Victoria, as voted by readers like you. [Tasting Victoria]

🎈Up, up, and away: The latest photo from frequent Capital Daily collaborator James MacDonald has a paraglider floating way up amid the clouds.

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🐐 Goat recovery: Five years ago it was unclear if Beacon Hill goat Sunshine would walk and run again. These days, though, she’s right in the midst of the daily goat run.

🎵 An Afternoon at the Opera on CFUV: An hour of opera including interviews and biographies. Tuesdays, 1-2pm.

🤝 Now hiring:  Facilities and Systems Coordinator at theDock – Centre for Social Impact

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Which two words spell each other backwards and are described by this clue: talkative purse

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Last time: Covers for Jack, who could eat no lean = Sprat / tarps
Congrats to everyone who submitted the correct answer!

🗞️ In Other News

 Skydiver evades disaster above shocked onlookers: Peter Vos was on his way down to Earth to drop off the game ball for UVic’s annual Thunderfest tournament. When his main parachute wasn’t working, he had to pivot, in midair, to his second chute. [CHEK / video]

Speedbumps for new digital bus fare system: University students are reporting issues with the app and frustration with having to get another card rather than using a student card as in the past. [Times Colonist]

Nanaimo lawyer fined $7.5K over sex gossip: Brett Robert Vining’s comments to a client about a member of the judiciary’s alleged sexual history were misconduct, the Law Society of BC determined.

Pacific FC still in second: As the soccer season starts to wind down, Langford’s team remains at the top of a tie for #2 in the Canadian Premier League, after a draw at home vs. Halifax. Highlights below:


Ocean Adventures for the Eco-Conscious

Chris Baker’s company Alberni Yachts is designing emission-free sailing for ‘bold yet responsible voyages.’ Find out how he’s innovating world class vessels created for extended live, work and play adventures in the latest COAST Talks Podcast, hosted by COAST Executive Director Jason Goldsworthy.

🗓️ Things to do

🕺 Dance classes by donation: Passion & Performance hosts a variety of classes this week for a toonie or a donated food item. [P&P]

🩰 Early bird special for Capital Daily readers. Save 20% off adult tickets for Ukrainian Shumka Dancers’ Nutcracker. Limited time only. Promo code: Nut-Capital-Daily at Royal and McPherson Theatres or 250-386-6121.*

☀️ Summer at Ship Point: Enjoy the final days of summer in the Inner Harbour with food trucks, music, and games until Sept. 21.

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Local baby raccoons captured by photographer Rob Fraser.

Wall featured in local video not actually unsafe, Langford says; the “inspector” turned out to not be a qualified official. [The Westshore]

The year’s top local books are on the 2023 Victoria Book Prize shortlist. [Saturday newsletter]

Rifflandia festival’s videos of the first weekend feature Run the Jewels, BBNO$, and more at Electric Avenue.

The Ovarian Cancer Walk was yesterday at Royal Roads, with participants including a 22-year survivor and former premier Horgan. [CHEK]

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